ATV Black 2.4 on 5.0.2 constantly drops out of video playback

Hi Everyone,

I recently updated my ATV Black 2.0 which was running on 5.0.2 to 2.4 (latest available)

This changed my Media player to Infuse.

It has been a horrible experience so far. Every other movie keeps getting dropped out at some point or another from playback back to list of movies.

I didn’t have any issues on 2.0, and now with 2.4 i can’t even watch a single movie from start to finish without it dropping out.

Was wondering, anyone else experiencing these issues ?


Also, is there a way to roll back to ATV Black 2.0 ?

I’ve got the dmg file but when i launch it, it tells me the installer is out of date and can’t continue.

Yes looks like i am facing similar issu. mainly MKV files dropping and the reboot seems longer with the new ATV black version

I opened a ticket and waiting for a resolution. i tried everything so far ( wired, wifi, downgraded to different versions…etc)

Hope we get an answer here


Not able to find a resolution yet. I’ve been told to rejailbreak with latest firmware but still facing same issue

All MKV files have the video drop at some point

Any other advice ? 

I still haven’t found a fix.