atv black 1.0 installer won't run

When I download the latest installer it comes up asking if I want to save the file which I do, then it comes up on my firefox downloads list but when I ask to run it and click ok in response to the usual warning it asks where I would like to extract the file to instead of executing the installer. If I go with it and extract the file it still won’t run thereafter but continues to ask me if I would like to extract it. I think it is some fault of the 7 zip program I use for managing compressed downloads because in the firefox downloads list it comes up as a 7z icon. So I removed this program but the problem continues (it even continues to come up as a 7z file which I can’t understand as I have double checked that 7zip has been removed from program list).


Help! What am I doing wrong?

The download is not the installer, but a self-extracting compressed archive. When run it will extract the real installer to the location selected the first time, as well as some installation instructions. You then run the extracted file.

Thank you! You have put a technospoon back on the straight and narrow!