aTV and shared storage


I have all my media files on a one TB Time Capsule with an additional 2TB drive connected via USB to the time capsule (shared to multiple macs and the apple TV) Is it possible to have the ATV connect directly to the directories (multiple drives) on my time capsule? Seems very straightforward as the ATV is connected to my time capsule via ethernet. How can I access the time capsule directories directly from the apple tv? This would be a wonderful addition, and negate the need for an external USB drive on the ATV

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After further inestigation I see AFP is only allowed on the original Apple TVs that shipped with version 1 of the software…is there a patch or something that can be loaded to fix this and allow access to network disks?

Streaming via SMB is supported on all AppleTV units. This can be done by setting up a ‘Manual Share Point’ as described here: