ATV and iTunes 8.0 not playing nice together

ATVFlash was great until Apple released iTunes 8.0. Now none of my machines can see the ATV. No matter what I do. Did this new release of iTunes break functionality of ATVFlash?

Anyone else having this problem?

Admin, please respond.

They’re playing nice in our house :slight_smile:

Ya mine is still fine with iTunes 8.0…

still syncs fine for me.

Yep, working just fine here too.

I also can not get aTV to synch with iTunes. I did a restore of the aTV and rebooted all my machines then tried synch and it worked. After I installed aTVFlash back on, the iTunes once again would not see the aTV in device list.

Are you running the latest 2.1 Apple TV software? You may want to try re-connecting the Apple TV to iTunes after aTV Flash has been installed. This can be done through the Settings > Computers menu on the Apple TV.


Yes I have tried going through both aTV and through iTunes. On the aTV it gives me key code, but when I go to iTunes on any of my Macs, the aTV doesn’t show up. When I restored to factory on aTV, and rebooted all devices, then it shows in iTunes. Very strange.

I am able to access iTunes Store from the aTV itself and have downloaded two Tv shows with no problem, but I can not connect to my iTunes on network.

This may not be a big deal to me though if someone can explain to me how I can just use my external HDD for iTunes/iPhoto connected directly to the aTV. I have a 1TB HDD connected usb to aTV right now and I am able to launch movie files from nitoTV or aTVFiles. If I copied my iTunes library to this 1TB and copied the iPhoto library could I use it off the 1TB?