aTV Airplay restrictions?

Anyone know the most common method devs use to block airplay to an aTV ?
Most of the time, if the provider doesn’t want the media to be able to push, it will just give an error on the aTV. In situations where it is against ToS of the app (cable provider app for instance) this is usually a custom picture explaining airplay isnt supported. I dont care about these as much.

An app like HuluPlus or ABC however shows a very generic stream error, and both of these apps allow HDMI output to a TV.  When going through the logs after attempting to play such a stream, the error is very generic. Same goes while using something like AirplayVideoEnabler to push media normally not able to be pushed (generic error message).
I was wondering if there is something in the header of the content feed or a simple flag that might be able to be modified/disabled on the aTV side to never “disallow” video streams. I had read somewhere that it was generally as simple as the xml/header of the media stream containing something such as <airplay=disallow/allow>.  Maybe a package could be developed to handle the incoming feed slightly differently or filter that header to always say allow?

That with AirplayVideoEnabler would open up a ton of options for airplay streaming that dont currently seem to be working.