Ok im a total newb so please bare with me…I have an apple tv software version 5.2 (6010.96) Model: mc572LL/a


I want to jailbreak untethered and want to make sure that I am still able to do this with this software version. I also want to make sure that i have everything in line from start to finish that will guide me threw this process. 

I also want to make sure that i backup this software version incase if i screw something up i can always revert back. 


I want to make sure that the following instructions are still current and nothing has changed or there is not something that i need to do different since this is version 5.2


If anyone has any better step by step instructions or if you can point me to a youtube video tutorial that is still working today that can give me step by step instructions that would be greatly appreciated. 



Thank you all in advance for your help. 

Saved your blobs thru ifaith. Are you using mac or windows? Choose your firmware i.e. 5.2 and proceed the the creation of ipsw and youre good to go. I hope this helps.

thanks backed up my blobs to ifaith…and managed to tetherboot and get xbmc and everything working on it. 

i have worked on it enough tonight but is there anyway to get it untrthered?  IM SURE I DIDNT DO SOMETHING RIGHT. 

thank you all again for your help

edit: forgot to mention im using windows and used season pass to jailbresk (i did nothing in itunes  but downloaded it because i thiught i needed the lstest versiin of itunes for some reason) please excuse the typos…im on a sucky tablet posting

You shouldnt be doing the boot tether process since you have a 5.2. Did you right click the “create ipsw”?

I did not…so im assumming if i right click i can select 5.2 untethered and then continue from there? should i revert back to 5.2 and start over again?

If you have saved 5.2 shsh blobs then yes you can do this.   If you do not then you cannot revert.  It was not clear to me whether you saved 5.2 shsh blobs do before upgrading to 5.3.


Yes I did save shsh blobs via Ifaith, I also believe I saved a copy of it via seasonpass if that is possible.


Today when i get home i will try to reload 5.2 via ifaith and attempt to jailbreak (right clicking create ipsw ) and run thru the motions again. The only thing i was trying to avoid was having to reload nito tv/xbmc etc…But if thats what i gotta do to get it untethered then thats what i gotta do.


Thank you guys for your help .



Its a great habit saving one’s blobs. Hope youll get it done.

another quick question - to revert back Is it as easy as launching ifaith locating my saved shsh blobs and pushing that out to my apple tv via micro usb?


Then once its reverted i can launch seasonpass and the right click create ipsw and select untethered version from their?

Launch Seas0npass, right click on “create ipsw” and choose 5.2 given that you saved the blobs. Ill be online for about an hour. I hope ill be a help for you.


Marlon – I will be working on this a little later when i get home from work. Hopefully you will be on later. :smiley:


thanks man.


Reinstalling Nito and XBMC is easy if you follow this guide: you can skip to step 23 (part 2)

Got it back to 5.2 and untethered JB.   Thanks guys