ATV 4K - Plex library fetching issue -slow

I recently purchased an Apple TV 4K 2021.

My Plex server is remote - its at home and im at uni.

Plex app works flawlessly but im not a fan of the UI and navigation.

Plex pass with all metadata and trailers pulled

I like the design and layout of infuse. I’m using infuse 7.

My connection to my server is 200mb. Speedtest.

The problem im having is that it is taking forever to pull my libraries. Admittedly my library is huge

But it’s taking forever to pull my movies and shows.
Am I doing something wrong.

It took over 40mins to pull over 120 episodes. This is extremely slow.

Is there a way to speed this up. Settings. Apps.

And can I save so much time by syncing my
Entire library across my iPad. Mac. Apple TV. Instead of having to populate the library for each.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Which version of the apple tv 4k 2021 did you purchase? the 32 gb or the 64 gb? just out of curiousity…

I never tried infuse outside the house. Do you need to open ports etc on the home router??

If your Plex is already configured to work outside your house, Infuse will work without any extra configuration… Just need to add Plex to Infuse Media Servers

Does infuse pro itself on iPhone work outside the house though?

Let’s say I don’t have plex at home…

Only infuse pro.

Here’s a users guide that goes into streaming away from home.

To speed up fetching from Plex (especially for large remote libraries) you can disable the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found in the Plex share’s settings.

Infuse > Settings > Shares > Plex Share Name > Edit


Thank you for replying.

I’m doing exactly that. Also disabled metadata fetching.

It’s just taking forever. Like seriously since this morning. It’s only pulled less than 1%.

I purchased the 64gb.

Yes you would need to open a port via your router but the settings is all via Plex.

I’m not super network savvy but I know enough to get me by and lucky enough to have some friends I can tap into.

Yes. It works well outside the house.

I honestly prefer it over Plex.

It’s just my Plex server is what I set up originally and as infuse integrates with it. I have been using it as I prefer the UI.

Coming back to uni since lockdown. New ATV had to pull everything from scratch again and it’s just not doing it.

Hahah your shares are at home for infuse?

You ought to walk with a raspberry pi that samba shares to the local Apple TV 4K.