ATV 4K not releasing disk space as expected

I restarted my Apple TV, reloaded the same 3 GB movie, exited from the movie to check the error code and I received the code : cyxy2.
Is what you wanted from me ?

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Were you seeing issues when this report was sent? I can see your device has ~48.00 GB of free space when Infuse was launched, and then ~51.5GB when playback was later started (max usable space is 59.44GB).

Any cached data saved to disk will be cleared a few moments after playback is stopped (the logic for how this happens was improved in 7.3.8 to prevent issues in certain cases). We’ve also added better handling of cases where you don’t explicitly stop playback, but switch out of Infuse to a different app.

Yes the problem is still there, please note that I use the app. Tv info to check for the disc space

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I don’t know how that app works, or how often it updates its stats.

If you want to try playing a few more videos and send in a new report I can check to ensure the space is being freed up as expected.

I started 6 différents videos and received the code 1hx38
In tv info , before starting the videos there was 11.46 GB disc memory used and after the videos there is now 18.92 disc memory used, and it does not reset to 11.46 Gb or something close to that.
And I also noted that infuse will always return a different code each time I check for it, without doing anything between each requests for an error code.
Is it how it is supposed to work ?

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Hello, I started 2 more videos and nor I am at 23.95 GB disc space used, and the diag. Code is dd91y

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I’ve found that most of the apps for Apple TV do not update often “if at all” after launching them. I got in the habit of quitting the app (double clicking the home button and then sliding the memory app up then restarting it) to get the “real” current space available.

This could compound the perceived problem with some users thinking the problem is persisting when it’s really just the memory checker app that isn’t refreshing.

The app Top (some other characters) updates every couple secs.

So I did kill the tv info app. and it did not change anything about the disc space used in the Apple TV. However , I can tell you that by killing infuse it will flush the used disc spare in the Apple TV . I can now reset the used disc space by killing infuse app. Instead of rebooting my Apple TV.
Does it I indicate you some hint about the bug. ?

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I installed the app. Top and saw the same readings as was in tv info. And could also saw that by killing the infuse app. I can flush the data occupied by infuse.

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Don’t forget to send in the diagnostics and post the code here again. :wink:

We’re looking into what might be happening in this case. Thanks.

We’ve identified one remaining issue here, and are submitting a fix to Apple today.

Thanks for sending in the diagnostics reports @Amdre!


Ok , will it be a new infuse release or a fix to the ATV itself ?

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New Infuse. You can see what’s changes and updates are coming here.

7.3.9 was just released, and should resolve the remaining issues here.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hello again, you’re right. The bug is gone. The disc buffer is completely flushed immediately when exiting from viewing. Good job done.

Thank’s again for your help.

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