ATV 4K Issues playing MKV files

I recently started noticing that many of the movies I download in MKV format do not play with Infuse. I The files do not show movie length, resolution or audio format on the preview screen and when I try to play them I get a message saying An error occurred loading this content.

What version of Infuse and have you done a restart on your ATV?

Latest and yes I have restarted it. Some files play just fine.

Version numbers help especially when someone may look at this thread in the future and have a similar issue.

I’ve seen some files that are corrupt when DL’d from some online sources that have that symptom of no video info. Try playing them in VLC to see if it will play them and maybe find a different source for the same video.

Version number: 6.5.5 (3375)

I just verified and it doesn’t play with VLC either.

Then it’s 99% sure it’s a corrupt file.

One clue to look for in the future, look at the actual downloaded size verses what the file specs on the providing site say it should be. The bad files I’ve seen tend to be less than the specified size.

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