ATV 4K - 5.1 Dolby

Guys I bought Infuse pro. I have a weird situation with Audio syncing to Video. The audio lags behind just a tad its noticeable, but only when I force Dolby 5.1

I am forcing Dolby 5.1 in ATV because most of my files have some audio portions on them that I can only hear when ATV 4K audio is set to Dolby 5.1

When I select ATV4K audio to best available and Infuse to auto, I get no lag but I lose some of the sound I have when I force 5.1

Is this loss because the “best available” is pushing something my 5.1 system cant handle?

What you may try is changing Infuse’s Audio Output setting from Auto to Passthrough to see if this makes any difference. This is separate from the Apple TV’s Dolby Digital Setting, and in most cases will be a better option if you want to force Dolby 5.1 output.

More info on audio options in Infuse can be found here.

Thanks for the quick reply, James. I have tried this and interestingly it retains the audio I am looking for but the delay between the audio and video is more noticeable.

What could be happening to cause that delay when I force Dolby? Auto on both I get no delay…

very weird