ATV 4K 1st gen lip sync issues

Infuse: 7.5.1 tvOS 16.4

Further to the discusison in the closed thread linked below, I’m primarily a Kodi user but just looked at Infuse for my profile-8 converted DV UHD mkv files and noticed that the audio is running ahead of the video on multiple titles when it’s in perfect sync via Kodi/Vero 4K+ into my Marantz AVR. Having read the discussion in the thread below I switched the ATV system resolution to DV 23.976Hz and disabled matching the framerate, and immediately I got perfect sync playback. This workaround obviously makes the ATV GUI rather unpleasant to use and requires me to switch system framerate depending on the playback file, so this is a bit of a fudge.

Is this something that can be fixed with Infuse/tvOS, and if I switch to a 3rd gen ATK 4K, can I expect this problem to be resolved?

Picked up a 3rd-gen ATV 4K and early indications are that all the lip-sync issues I was experiencing with Infuse are gone even with framerate matching enabled.

I think your TV is a factor here also. I have LG OLED65C9PLA with 4th generation ATV and the only way to get good lip sync is to turn frame rate matching off (because the TV performs this task).

Thanks for the comment. I run a Panny OLED, and across a collection of several streaming devices with framerate mattching enabled (Raspberry Pi/LibreELEC, Vero 4K+/OSMC, nVidia Shield/Kodi, ATV 4K 1st gen and 3rd gen), the only device that gives me lip sync issues via my Marantz AVR to the Panny is the ATV 4K 1st gen.To be fair to Infuse, sometimes I’ve seen lip sync issues with other apps, but so far the ATV 4K 3rd gen box seems ok.