ATV 4 - Collection folder gets empty when server is scanned, reappears only if metadata is manually refreshed

Hi all

After a long time using Infuse Pro 5 standalone, I moved to v6 Pro yearly subscription and to Plex media server yesterday.
Main goal was to be able to use Plex collections in Infuse.

So far Infuse is (as usual) great.

Except for one “weird phenomenon” which will be easier to describe with an example :

  1. I created a Star Trek collection in PLEX server : tagged all relevant individual movies with the “Star Trek +” tag (’+’ is what I use to identify Collections)

  2. I go to my Apple TV/Infuse 6 Pro, go to All Movies/Collection, select “Star Trek +” and … “Empty Folder / Move along, etc…”

  3. If I refresh the metadata from the “Star Trek +” collection screen, then the collection gets populated and all my movies are available.

  4. Now, everytime I scan in Infuse for new content on server, or do anything of that sort on plex server directly, I lose the collection contents again in infuse and gets the boring “Empty folder” until I refresh this collection metadata again.

I could not find any “logical” explanation to this, but I just noticed that it only seems to behave that way with “customized collections”.
I mean if I get metadata and leave the collection info untouched, as found when scraping, then I have no issue
But any collection I modified, either simply the name of the collection, or tagging movies to this collection, then I get the “empty folder” issue.

Did anyone here experience this weird behaviour ?
Thanks for any advice on how to solve this.



I know I just posted this a few seconds ago, but I just found the cause of this crazy issue : it is the ‘+’ in the collection name.

I just removed the ‘+’, scanned for server changes, and collection content was available.
Then I added the ‘+’ again to the name of the collection, scanned for server changes, and boom, empty folder again.
Did it back and forth a few times and reproduced every time.

So…sorry for a long first post, all this blabla for a simple ‘+’ sign :slight_smile:

But maybe useful for those who would like to use special characters in their collection names ?


And… No.

In fact, it only works for a few collections, and not for others.
Still empty folder on most of my collections.

I carefully checked all metadata on plex side to compare movies and collections that woek with those that don’t work.
I couldn’t find any difference.

Two collections work fine now since I removed the “+” sign in their name, but nothing changed for the other collection. I cannot see where the issue lies.

OK, I was getting mad at this issue, so I removed all libraries from Plex server, reimported all movies and unchecked “get collection info from TMDB”.

Then I manually created my collections, tagged the movies accordingly, and bingo, no more issues.

My guess is that either plex or infuse (or both) don’t really like “mixed collections”, i.e. collections grabbed from TMDB and then modified manually by changing names or including additional movies.

Anyway, things work ok now.

That’s what I call a one man thread :slight_smile:

Guys at firecore, thumbs up for your brilliant piece of software, best I’ve used (and I have used quite a few in this media area)

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