Atv 4 & Atv 4k

I have both ATV 4 and ATV 4k. I’m running infuse pro 6 and trying to play a 20gb mkv file on the ATV 4. Its buffering every minute on the film. If I try the 4k ATV on the same file all ok.

Is there something I’m missing or is ATV4 unable to process the file? I thought it worked a few months ago but could be wrong.

Running via SMB off the NAS.

Do you have the cache setting the same on both? I’m going to guess that the ATV4 is just straining. I have two of each and have found that the 4Ks tend to just work while the ATV4s will work on the less complex files. Is your file a x265 encode? that may be one of the factors.

Cache setting??

The file is a direct mkv file backup from disc. Not been encoded just created the file off the makemkv software.

On the ATV go to Settings > Playback section > Streaming Cache

Thats set to Auto on both. Should I try legacy on the ATV4?

It wouldn’t hurt. It may help but my guess is the lesser processor is more of an issue… Are they both on Ethernet or are they wireless. That too may be a big part of it if wireless.

Just changed it to legacy and also changed the smb to legacy. Seems to play for 1-2 mins then buffers for 30 seconds.
The 4k one works perfect on the mkv files, just frustrating as wanted to back up all my blu rays for ease and put away.

Testing them in the same room to make so diagnosis is a similar as possible.

Yes both on wifi but running at 70 mbps

The processor was a concern :frowning:

Does it play other files without issues? If so then maybe let it handle the lesser files and leave the big boys to the 4K. :wink:

Also, you may want to run the video you’re having problems with through mediainfo and post the output here so we can see if there’s any other “gotchas”.

Yeah it plays lesser files ok.

Yeah I was worried thats what I’ll have to do. It was more making it easier for people to watch films around the house without finding discs. Will have to see if the price drops on the 4k one in the coming months. :slight_smile:

Does infuse support bluray files with menus yet?

not yet, the way I understand it is there are a few issues with how they are rendered that are making it more difficult.

When you get a chance if you post the mediainfo output here maybe there’s a setting on makemkv that would make it a bit more friendly for the ATV4.

I have mediainfo. Do you just want the main screen info of the file?
If you have a example screen shot I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

Usually, people just do a copy and paste of the whole report I believe. It should be more than a page or so.

Without seeing a report off the top of my head issues with playback on 4 might be VC-1 or hd interlaced content. But that would show choppy or delayed video as opposed to pause and the buffer spinner showing. WiFi performance on the two should be roughly the same. This has happened to me: occasionally my 4 will disconnect from ac WiFi and be stuck on n. This causes a lot of buffering but a quick reboot and it reconnects and back to normal.

I also had that trouble on both 4K and atv4 … switched to smtb instead of smb and all is well

Regardless of the speed of your wifi connection, wireless signals can become interrupted easily which would cause a loss of connectivity.

Ethernet is the way to go.

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I had this same buffering issue pop up only when trying to play 4K content. It can be a few things but check the simple things first.

So this might sound like a no brained but: are you using Wi-Fi or Ethernet?
If this is happening on Wi-Fi: do you have a 5GHZ & 2.4GHZ router? Make sure that your Apple TV is using the 5GHZ stream. If you have the same password for both 2.4 & 5 GHZ it might switch back and forth. To ensure that you only use the 5GHZ stream, go into network on the Apple TV and “forget” the 2.4 GHZ stream.