ATV 4 and passthrough


Is it possible with Infuse 6 Pro to put audio in passthrough mode so that my receiver can decode Dolby Atmos and DTS-X?



Not at the moment as Apple provides no API to developers that allows for this.


Just curious how he was able to do this Apple TV 4K Infuse Dolby Atmos Playback Using Plex on tvOS 12 - YouTube ? Older version of Infuse & tvOS?

Some media players allow playback of Dolby digital plus with atmos. According to upcoming features this will be in a next version of infuse.

This is only for dd+ atmos not TrueHD atmos.

tvOS versions prior to 11.3 and Infuse version 5 (prior to V6) supported pass through.

Not sure how many people have seen this, but maybe we can get more to sign:

Too bad Apple defeatured passthrough.

From what I remember it was kind of crummy. Only supported core DTS and Dolby Digital… no HD audio. I don’t think we’ll get it back. I’m hoping for Dolby MAT 2.0. This would give us TrueHD + Atmos in PCM form.

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