ATV 4.2 (8C150) any hope?

is there any hope for me with an ATV with 4.2 (8C150) unjailbroken, im having a hard time just finding a jailbreak for this version, or anyway i can even have this upgraded is fine too at least i would have somewhere to start and i can go from there. thanks for the help.

maybe this one ignore firmware versions make it and choose it  for 4.2

Follow the following thread. It will work for all iOS versions that you currently have installed.

(Assuming that is that 4.2 allowed for an untethered jailbreak.)


they only problem i have with this is SP does not have my version listed it has the other 4.2.1 (8C154) so i cant make a SP version of my firmware to get this to work, i can try using (8C154) SP version and renaming the dmg files to match.

  save shsh blobs to have insurance and try but on your own response.

dang guess that method does not work for me,

i made SP with 4.2.1 (8C154)

made signed ifaith file with my 4.2 (8C150)

took out the 2 dmg files from the SP, renamed and over write the 2 dmg files in signed ifaith file.

loaded the ifaith file.

it looked very promising because it loaded and everything went well.

now when i plug it into tv, only thing i get is the apple screen, it wont go any further.


guess there is no way for me to upgrade now that apple is not signing huh? i have a different jailbroken 4.4.4 that i am able to extract shsh from but guess that wont help this other device.


any other suggestions?

I’m stuck in the same place you are :\ I’ve got the same problem, except that I’m stuck with an ATV2 running 4.4.2.

442 firmware is tethered, feel free to jailbreak as described in our tutorial and boot it tethered.


same problem over stuck in the start screen already saved my bloob any solution thanks