ATV 4.02 Does nothing ?

As a seasoned installer about 2 years now i have upgraded many a time. Updated the system software to 3.01 and set my patch stick up with the atv 4.02.
The installer runs reports everything loaded ok and to restart the atv. The new 3.1 menue pops up but none of the atv flash features. No maintaince menue no sappire not a hint of an install. very strange and i have upgraded many a time in this last two years. Any suggestions ATV ?

Are you using a Mac or PC? You may try formatting the drive and ‘zero out’ all data.

Mac - Zero out option is under ‘Security Options’ when formatting.

PC - Ensure ‘Quick Format’ is unchecked.

OK problem solved ,
The damm thing was just was not having it, the problem was that I have for some time been running the atv on a larger 100gig drive (internal) and that had the recovery partion “EFI” was just left blank out (It was a pain to copy over at the time), but this I feel was somehow required on the new 4.02 OS version update. So a factory restore of the older 40 gig drive, then a clean update to 4.02 and then the new ATV 3.01 install, copied over my media and prefs and now running like a baby. Next job to get it all back on over to the 100gig internal drive but this time with the hidden partion properly restored. Lesson learned. :sunglasses: