ATV 4.0 Install puts AppleTV in a boot loop?

Hi there - I just updated my AppleTV to 3.0 (and verified functionality of it). I then created the aTV v4 thumb drive and flashed the unit - the screen said the system flashed properly, but when I do a hard boot, the AppleTV just keeps looping at the silver Apple logo

anyone else seen this issue?



It sounds like the 3.6.4. version was actually installed on the AppleTV.

Try one or more of the following:

  1. Reformat the flash drive before installing the updated version (
  2. If using the Mac version, make sure the entire aTV Flash folder is being copied to the Applications folder before running the installer.

That did it - it was the erase flash instructions that seemed to do the trick

thank you

My mistake was that i didn’t let the new AtvFlash 4.0 app replace completely the past folder of AtvFlash in my applications folder, and instead of letting AtvFlash download again the file when it ask you that it needs to download a file I decide to choose the latest1249136639068.dmg (this is an old version) that i previously backup.
1 Completly replace de AtvFlash folder in your apps
2 Download everything again, do not backup anything inside de previously AtvFlash folder