ATV 3rd gen Jailbreak!! Where is the news on your BLOG!? ---- Fake

Just have seen this <link removed>

Where is the news on your BLOG!?

Is it already usable?

There is no news on the Firecore BLOG, because the link you have referred to isn’t legitimate and doesn’t come from Firecore themselves.




Pod2g just said on his twitter that the 5.1 jailbreak is a month away :smiley:


That doesn’t mean for the Apple TV 3. Only the Apple TV 2.

True but I can hope lol


You can, but he doesn’t have one for the ATV 3. The reason for the month wait is because he’s busy and mentioned this is just a hobby.  

With comex, i0n1c and Geohot all out of the picture, we either need fresh faces or the game might be over.  It took a long time for the 4S to be jailbroken.  I can see this one going into the year + time frame.  I imagine that Apple TV 2’s are going to start going for even more money on auction sites.  They are already over 2x the new price.  There will be a massive shortage very soon and demand will grow as ATV3’s become locked for longer.

I think someone has a business selling jailbroken apple tv 2’s.

You have a source for some? I’d love to buy 10. 

Pod2g having second thoughts apparently.

Ive voted no. Suggest anyone else wanting a jb now does the same


Do you have any reason to believe this would help the ATV 3?  I have never seen that addressed with pod2g.  If this helps to have a un-tethered 5.1 ATV 2 jailbreak then i guess its worth it.  Otherwise, if its just going to help ipads and iphone get untethered 5.1 then its totally not worth it.

Chpwn has already said to pod2g that holding exploits back has never really worked anyway and that he (Chpwn) would vote no as well. As to the point if it would help Apple TV 3; I’m sure it moves it closer than not.




Is that like kind of pregnant?  :stuck_out_tongue: