Atv 3 Update if ever !!

Hi Guys, I know you must be up to your eyes with the Atv 3 jailbreak but it,s now 4 Months and still nothing, not even a tiny bit of news just to give us a little glimmer of hope that something is on the horizen.   


Many Thanks


I’d love an update as well.


There is no news yet. pod2g has found exploits in 5.1 but the chances of these being present on the Apple TV 3 are unknown. Unless the iPhone Dev Team comes out and says that they have a jailbreak available for the Apple TV 3 then assume there is no progress.

I’m not sure why people don’t understand that FireCore does not find the exploits for the jailbreaks of Apple devices.  We are at the mercy of people who do this in their free time as a hobby.

pod2g has just tweeted that he has an iPad 3 with 5.1.1 untethered.  So seems like good news for iPad and iPhone owners will be coming soon.  But he has mentioned nothing about ATV3.  Who knows if he even owns one.


I have dumped all the original ATV first gen I have and switched to ATV3. I’ve had it with the lags, reboot and overheated unit. I have 4 ATV3’s now and would like to be updated when there might be ATV Flash for it. 2012? 2013 ? No idea?


No one knows if its tomorrow or never.

what i dont understand is why your site makes out your working on an update


Apple TV 3 update in the works! Order now and get access to both versions.


when no one knows let alone you guys wether there will even be a atv3 jailbreak, sounds a bit naughty of you guys :nono: