ATV 3 & aTV Flash

I have Apple TV 3 and lifetime aTV Flash. Is there any hope I’ll get to use aTV Flash in my lifetime or is it just money aTV Flushed down the toilet?

Same here, waiting year(s)…

Still waiting for an answer to my query.  :(

ih8snow found an iboot exploit, if he releases it publically that means untethered jailbreak for life on A5(X) devices which should include the ATV 3


I believe Firecore has said if the ATV 3’s are jailbroken ATVFlash will support the ATV 3’s

Well it doesn’t look like iboot is going to work with the
ATV 3’s

I have exactly the same problem … My first ATV got broken and i just bought a new ATV without knowing that there was a version 2 and 3 and i thought it could work with the ATF flash as before and you you…. “failed to recognize your apple TV”…. i thought i had a problem with my cable and … no the season pass doesn’t support the ATV3 …. or the opposite…. just to say that when i bought the lifetime ATFFLASH no question were asked similar to “are you using an ATV3” --> and an answer like “in this case you should wait until the jailbreak will be available” and don’t spend your money for nothing…

A lot of blabla to ask: Do you think that the jailbreak will be available? And the second question is when ?


Maybe it's time to forget about ATV3 and go with something else, like Amazon Fire TV. I have a jailbroken ATV2, but I end up using my Roku 3 for everything. My ATV3 sits happily in its box.

I heard on another forum i use that the api for the ATV3 has been jailbroken.
has anyone else heard this or know if its true.

An ATV3 jailbreak looks very bleak now. The release of the ATV4 has added to the reasons for people to cease their efforts in finding an exploit on the ATV3’s tiny attack surface. However, it is likely that custom software will be able to run on the ATV4 - I wrote an topic about this (