ATV 3.6.2 Can't delete movies from ext hardrive anymore

With earlier versions of ATV Flash I was able to view movies streamed from my Ext HDD and delete them as well , but when I installed V 3.6.2 and try to delete the video after viewing it I get an error and the message and it requires me to press the play button to restart. I did a clean install of the ATV flash because i ugraded to the latest Apple TV software as well. So, I first did a factory restore and then installed the Apple software and then my ATV Flash software. Everything else is working fine. I can still stream my videos and all content plays fine. I just can’t delete from my Ext HDD anymore. I checked and my sharing and user permissions to the hard drive and all that seems to be in order. I CAN delete the files from the external hard drive by accessing it from my mac so it’s not that big of a deal. I was wondering if anybody else who has their video content streamed from a hard drive is having a similar issue.
This occurs when trying to delete from the “Files” menu. I just tried to delete the file under the “Nito” menu and I had success.

Note: In Nito settings “enable file deletion” is set to yes