ATV 2g, media player issues after jailbreak 4.4.1

Hi al!

I have jailbroken 2 different Apple TVs 2g on iOS 4.4.1 with latest Seas0nPass and i noticed that everything works fine except the built-in media player that ATV is using, player for youtube, podcast, trailers, etc etc. I try to start some trailer or podcast and i just see that spinning wheel all the time, it doesn’t go that far that i see the play button and search bar. If i start playing a youtube clip on my iPad and try to airplay it to ATV it just stops and nothing happens.

This problem is on both ATVs. Is this a known issue with the jailbreak on 4.4.1? and what can i do to fix it?

Don’t know if its related but i checked the system log that nito tv offers and it says something about mediaserverd doesn’t have permission to access some file.



This issue was actually resolved in a new version of Seas0nPass that was released last week (after Apple re-released the 4.4.1 update).

It’s kind of a pain, but re-jailbreaking with the latest version of Seas0nPass will correct this issue.

Ok thanks alot james!!

I tried searching for an answer here but didnt find one.

I will redownload new version and try again.

Thanks again!