Atv 2 :: XBMC Playback is slow :: Please Help

Here is my setup:

  • ATV 2 and ATV 1

  • BRAND NEW Linksys N900 Dual Band N Router

  • 2TB USB Hard Drive Connected to Linksys 900.

When I try to play videos on my ATV 2 (MKV SD, and MV4’s HD), both video types play back very slow and jittery while in XBMC. If I play the MV4’s using the standard apple tv Itunes share account, the video playback is fine. I installed the lastest atv flash black and installed xbmc. However, nito tv fails to install as well as other plugins. I tried rebooting the tethered jailbroken ATV 2 but nothing seems to help.

When I play the same HD content on my ATV 1, the playback in xbmc is fine. My router is super fast and I can’t figure out why my playback in XBMC on my ATV 2 is so slow. I checked the xbmc video settings on my ATV 1 and they match the ATV 2. 

I also tried the wired and wireless connections and there is no difference. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am so frustrated with this ATV flash black. I ripped all of these DVD’s and I can’t even play them correctly in XBMC. I went out and purchased a $180 router to fix the issue and i’m still having issues. It’s almost like the ATV 2 is overloaded and having a hard time running xbmc. I checked the system info in XBMC and it said ATV 2 was running with 60% memory usage.

Any suggestions?

This is the support forum for the 1st Gen ATV, try posting here. Features & Troubleshooting