ATV 2 won't let me login with AppleID

Hello gentle people,

I have an ATV2 jailbroken with firmware V5.03, but it won’t let me login with my appleid - it says that I need to create a new appleid and reverts back to the login prompt.

Had anyone else had this issue? I have tried searching the forum but could not find any discussion around this issue.


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For those with the same issue, you need to log into iTunes to complete the account setup. Very irritating if you don’t have another idevice!

I have this problem. when i login. messages pop up on my other devices saying that someone is trying to login using my account, and asking if i want to allow it. then it prompts to login again adding a 6-digit number AFTER the password. but nothing works… I read youк comment about using iTunes, but my ID was fine, except for this task… I wanted to install Kodi. I have ATV2. should i just recycle it?

The warning about someone trying to access your AppleID account is because of Two Factor Authentication.
Type your username and password and submit.
You will then receive the warning, click allow on the device showing the warning
Back on AppleTV, enter your username and password again with the 6 digits in the warning on the end.
If your password is “Elephant” and the 6 digits are 123 456, then you enter Elephant123456
I found a bluetooth keyboard works great for inputing usernames and password.
Hope that helps