ATV 2 will not turn on after XBMC update


I tried updating XBMC from Frodo 12.2 to 12.3, during the upgrade I rebooted my ATV 2 and it since has not turned back on.

The apple logo appears, then disappears and I am left with a black screen. I purchased the ATV2 jail broken and untethered. From the advice given on other sites it seems the best thing to do is to re-jail break my ATV2.

I am happy to do this, however on the instructions it says you must state what version of firmware is on the ATV2 (I have no idea what it is and no way of checking),

I am concerned that not selecting the correct firmware version could cause further problems? What should I do?

Any advice/ help would be great.



If you jailbreak using SeasonPass and accept the defaults it will attempt to install the 5.3 firmware which is the latest version for which there is a jailbreak.  Apple is still signing this so the process should be relatively painless.    There is no jailbreak (yet) available for any of the 6.x firmware releases, so you cannot install one of those if you want to keep your system in a jailbroken state.