ATV 2 Un-Tethered and ATV flash Questions

Hi Firecore,


I have ATV Flash installed on my ATV 2 and I went to check what version of Apple TV software I was on and it says 6.0.


Now, I wasn’t aware that there was a jailbreak for 6.0, especially un-tethered.


Can someone shed some light on this for me??



Also, I can't install extras through the maintenance menu like couch surfer pro, infuse, etc. I can't install anything under the maintenance menu. It just says installation failed.


Please see below for my details: 



I look for forward to hearing back from you and I thank you in advance.


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Did you install the Jailbreak yourself? if not then I suspect that the Plist has been altered to get the extra channels on your home screen! there is a thread on here about it so I would suggest if you didn't install yourself to go and read all about it! If you go to the location where the Plist is then there may well be a backup Plist which would be the original so rename it back and that should give you the correct firmware number.

If you did install yourself then I have no idea and maybe someone with more knowledge than me will be able to help you out as as far as I know there is no jailbreak for any 6.0 firmware as of yet.


Edit here is the link for the above thread!

New channels on jailbroken Apple TV 2

and here is the location of the Plist in question!  /private/var/stash/Applications/

Do not mess with it unless there is a backup, just rename the backup to info.plist and rename the other to anything you want!

Hope this helps

Good luck


Thanks for this. But I'm a bit of beginner. I know how to jailbreak and shsh and use Nito installer for PC. But I don't know how to fix this issue even with Leeroy pointing me in the write direction. I'm not sure unseretand. 


You can just go ahead and jailbreak on 5.3 using the latest Seasonpass. 

In doing so, however, you will lose your aTV Flash installation.  If you own the software, you will just need to reinstall it.

I have to say that I could not follow Leeroy's instructions here, either.




How would I get my aTV flash back if I re jailbreak it??

That's doesn't sound fair. so the guy that sold it to me bought the ATV flash. Therefore he owns it. He sells it to me. Surely i now own it. 

If that's the case Firecore, that wrong! I why can't I install extra features like infuse and couch surfer, etc? 

Sound wrong and right to me!

Any moderated want to show me how to install in fuse and couch surfer or do I have to pay $30 dollars again!!

With all due respect, you should be directing any anger at your seller -- and in the mirror.

If you bought the device with the software installed, go seek your solution from your seller.  

Ultimately, it was your job to understand what you were purchasing -- and what you owned.

How is this possibly a FIRECORE issue?


That's doesn't sound fair. so the guy that sold it to me bought the ATV flash. Therefore he owns it. He sells it to me. Surely i now own it.


If he was passing ATV Flash to you, then the seller should have given you the username/password for the FireCore account that was used to purchase ATV Flash.

Note that to be able to install ATV Flash on a freshly jailbroken ATV2 you have do not just have to have bought ATV Flash in the past,  it has to still be under support.  This is because the installer checks that it is the latest version before installing, and the only way to get the latest version is via a download link from your FireCore account.  Once you have ATV Flash installed on the ATV2 then it is possible to do on-device upgrades without further checks.  A number of people have questioned this policy , but that is the way it is implemented.

Sounds like you jailbroke it.

I'm assuming that you acquired your Apple TV with the aTV Flash program already installed.  

If that is the case, you're out of luck.

If you purchased and own the program, then it's a simple reinstall.  But I assume you would not be seeking help if you actually owned the software already.

I actually need and use some of the enhanced functions provided by the Flash program (like the browser for Hotel Wifi sign-up), but if you are a "vanilla" user and can't afford the $29.99, it is not a "must-have" program for your ATV.