ATV 2 + Time Capsule = network is not sufficient ?

Dear forum,


for a long time I thought, my router might be the problem for all this trouble. But a friend of mine using your product as well, came up with an idea which leads to this post.


Router/ modem via LAN to Time Capsule (TC)

TC via LAN to ATV 2

TC builds a WIFI for my iMac


problem/ issue:

The response time of the ATV with the newest version of fire core is very very slow. It takes roughly 30seconds to load all 50 movie covers and up to 20-30 seconds until a movie is buffered. Because 3 movies won’t start at all - or buffer every 10 seconds - I called my friend for advice.

No comes the weird part. I’ve added (not copied!) one of the three movies to my iTunes lib on my iMac. Again, the iMac is hooked up via WIFI. Now I launch the movie in iTunes and via Airplay switch to my ATV 2. et voila, buffering goes down to a few seconds and the movie runs like a charm right from the very beginning.

I’ve also tried this with other movies. The buffering at the beginning decreases to a few seconds. So can someone please explain to me, what the heck is going on? Basically I stream a movie from the TC via wifi to my iMac and back to the TC via LAN to the ATV. That is faster than going straight to the ATV?


Hope to hear some ideas, because it’s not really satisfying.


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