ATV 2 Stuck at 5.2

I’m new to the whole Jailbreaking ATV and kind of stuck right now.


I recently updated iTunes to 11… and ATV to the latest 5.2 before I heard about jailbreaking and XMBC


I have read ways to makes this work and just can’t get it to work.


I used Seas0nPass and once it asks me to plug the device it, it says that It’s not compatiable.

I then went in to iTunes 11 and did a Shift Restore and picked an .ipsw that is compatiable with the latest Seas0nPAsss ( AppleTV2,1_5.0.2_9B830_Restore.ipsw)

When I choose that in iTunes 11, it says that the firmware file is not compatiable.


I also read that the restore in 11 doesnt work so I downgraded iTunes from 11 to 10.7 and changed the .itl file and I’m up and running.

I still get the above error when I try to downgrade my ATV software to the supported software by Seas0nPass


I see on the Forum that they are hard at work on a version for 5.2…when will that be available?


Am I doing something wrong or am I just stuck at 5.2 until the Seas0nPass version is released?





it’s likely you have a gen 3 which there is no jailbreak for.

I believe your right. I always thought it was a 2nd Gen.

I looked up my Model Number online and everything says “3rd Generation”


So…when is the 3rd Gen Seas0nPass going to be released?

We have been waiting for about 10 months now, so it is looking increasingly likely it may never happen!


I have to agree here, the ATV4 is do out soon, ATV3 is a waste or time at this point