ATV 2 sporadically rebooting itself and very slow loading interface

Hi All, first of all apologies if somebody has already mentioned (and answered) this issue however I did look and couldnt find anything similar. 

As my subject title suggests, my apple tv 2 is quite slow when navigating around. When I select my movie and tv show libraries on the main XBMC screen I have to stare at a black screen for almost 30 seconds (sometimes longer) before it finally decides to take me to my selected media library. I should probably mention at this point that my collection consists of approx 780 movies and 60+ seperate tv shows and is also connected to my Apple TV 2 via a seagate 2TB network attached storage device. Because of this I expect a little bit of a delay for the ATV2 to load up the media, but 30 seconds still seems a bit concerning.

In addition to the above issues, when I am navigating around my vast libraries the ATV has a tendency to randomly reboot itself for no apparent reason. This happens on and off. Sometimes it also reboots itself if I am quickly flicking through my list of movies. 

I am currently running ATV 2 software 4.4.4 (3330), XBMC Darwin 11.0.0 on an ATV2, again through a Network attached drive over ethernet. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can A) Speed up my ATV 2 when opening and navigating libraries and B) Stop it from randomly rebooting itself every so often. 

If anybody wants to see my system log please could you advise how I do this. 

Many thanks for all of your time and efforts!



P.S - As a side note, can anybody tell me how I can find my photographs in the ATV2 folder system so that I can use one as a background on my TV Show selection screen. 

It sounds like the slow loading is caused by having too many files in one folder. Loading 780 files (cover art, meta data, etc) is going to take a while, if they are all in one folder (not sub-folders) the UI is probably locked while it loads everything it needs.

As a test, create a new folder and put 10-25 files it in. View the folder, see how long it takes. Keep putting more files in the folder in until it starts to lag so you can find the sweet spot between number of files and loading time.

You may want to organize your movies by letter or genre to get around it.

The reboot could be a memory issue, trying to hold that amount of data in RAM at once may be too much for the ATV2 to handle. Organizing your files may fix that too.

If you do the above reply back with your findings!