ATV 2 - Seasonpass/iTunes issue

Hi - I'm trying to jailbreak by atv 2 with seasonpass. for the most part everything works fine.  However once the IPSW file is created nothing happens.  I think iTunes is supposed to open automatically once I set the atv 2 into DFU mode but it doesn’t.  I've tried manually opening iTunes and selecting the file by holding Ctrl+restore.  Once I select the file iTunes goes into recovery but I eventually get an error message.  Any ideas what is going wrong?  do I need to download an old version of iTunes? currently running the latest version.  Or do I need to update my atv 2 to an older firmware? 

restore ATV2 in itunes then run season pass no need to use itunes after the restore.

You’re not alone. Restoring via iTunes doesn’t help. I have sent a couple error log files to Firecore and will post back when/ if I solve the problem. Definitely not a smooth or easy jailbreak.

The latest versions of Seas0nPass do not use iTunes for restore. 

Ok so once seasonpass creates the IPSW file the atv is jailbroke. Unplug it and connect to tv then your all set. Here is the link to the video.