ATV 2 : new FW & ATV flash : DVD-Rips don´t work anymore !

I upgraded my ATV2 to the FW 5.2 and the newest ATV flash and all my DVD-Rips don´t work anymore

Before they all worked fine !

No problems with mkvs and m4vs.

Any ideas ?

I downgraded my ATV 2 to 4.4.4 and installed ATV flash again ( newest version) and all my DVD-Rip work properly !

Seems  that FW. 5.2 and ATV Mediaplayer together have a problem to play DVD-Rips .


Not quite sure why you are having a problem.   I have the 5.2 firmware installed and am able to play what I think of as DVD Rips OK.

Having said that, what format are you talking about?   Are you talking about an ISO file or the files copied off a DVD (or something else)?  It is always possible that we do not have the same understanding of what is meant by DVD Rip.

I´m not using Iso-Files. I have folders, in which a “Video_Ts” folder is

My DVD Rips in that format play fine on 5.2 firmware with the 2.2 version of ATV Flash.   Not at all clear therefore why you experience a problem.

I reinstalled FW 5.2, but didn´t installed Nito Tv and Couch-Surfer: and now the DVD-Rips work again !