ATV 2 never used can it be JB?

I have 2 Apple tv 2s that i got and have never been used. So they are on 4.2.1 i think it is and i was trying to use greenpOison and it didnt work. Can they not be jailbroken? 



yes, they can

Ok ill keep working on it. When it says completed and i plug it into the tv i dont see the Greepoison link that i should have. 

I would first save your shsh blobs using ifaith and then jailbreak with seasonpass (beta)

Does ifaith work for mac? I cant seem to find one

Nope, you need a pc to run ifaith.  But I’m sure you can also save the blobs using seasonpass (beta) for mac.  I’m not a mac user though.

it just says the Apple tv is not availabel for the requested build