aTV 2 Flashing light only

I have tried to apply seasonpass several times with no luck.  I plugged it into my tv and I see the apple for a few seconds then it goes black, and the white light just flashes on the front of the box. I tried to do the tethered boot after applying the seasonpass still no luck.  Im running ATV 5.3 firmware. Thanks

That is the normal symptom that you need to do a tethered boot.   Do you realize the fact that 5.3 is s tethered jailbreak means that you will have to do a tethered boot any time the ATV2 loses power (or you do a hard reset).?  This means that the ATV2 has to be close to where it will be used as you cannot remove power after connecting via USB to your PC/Mac to do the tethered boot.