aTV 2 Fast enough to play Video_TS?


To test the aTV Flash - Mediaplayer I tried to play a Video_TS from my NAS but all i got was some scrambled Part of a Picture. As I can perfectly play the same Video_TS form the SMB-Share with VLC on my MacBookPro over Network(GB-Ethernet wired with the aTV2) I asume that aTV2 is not fast enough to play that. Is that true or are there any sugestions for the debugging?

Tnx for your Help!

PS: Or do I have a general Problem, because when I open my fotofolder with aprox 500 subfolders the aTV2 freezes and after some minutes I get a Memory warning.

PPS: JB with Seasonpass on 4.3 after a JB wit Snowbreeze with 4.2.2

I also have this problem, when I look a Video-Ts movie there is no problem for a while, when I start a new Video-Ts it starts with buffering all the time,

suddenly the sign came in “that my network is to slow”,when I change to an Avi movie, everything goes well,no buffering or other signs who destroy my

evening. When I looking in the “Network share” the connection is passed and OK. When I look at the signal strength all the marks are filled that means, what I think, that the network is OK and not SLOW!

What I don,t understand is that for a while it goes without problems an suddenly the errors are coming up. I reboot my Apple TV2 , reboot my Mediaplayer, reboot my share, nothing works, I stream from iMac via Airport extreme ,airport express (to power the signal) Apple2 with 4.3 season jailbreak.

All above take away the fun to watch movies via AtvFlash

If you can send in a bug report we can try and track down what’s going on.

The network warning will appear only if data is not coming in fast enough to ensure smooth playback. This usually only appears for streaming high-bitrate 720p+ files over a wireless network.

You can ignore the warning and Media Player will just pause and rebuffer as needed.


Tnx, it is submited.