ATV 2 Blink

Hi all,


Just joined today not thinking I would need help so soon

I recently picked up an ATV 2 Jailbroken on 4.3 with Eden b3 running nicely (should have left things alone)

I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade to Frodo 12.1 so I did just that using the Nito XBMC upgrade. Bad news, get the Apple logo then reboot blinking, no picture.

So I tried the apt-get command line approach, same thing. I guess the good news is ssh still works so maybe I can salvage this and keep iOS 4.3 intact, no I have not saved blobs.

 My worst fear right now is I will have to update the os and of course, no JB available. Would I be able to extract blobs with iFaith and re-do the os install to 4.3 and JB?

Do I even need to go this far, Can I get around this with a bit of ssh-ing?

Expert advice very much appreciated here. Command line skills are minimal.

Bump, anybody???


I think a good idea first would be to save your blobs using iFaith.

Once you have your 4.3 blobs saved you can be more confident in doing a normal restore on iTunes to 5.2.1…I guess that’s what you need to do if you can’t get the Apple TV to boot?

You would then need to use Sn0wbreeze to download a 4.3 IPSW and stitch it together with your blobs to make a signed IPSW, use this then to restore in iTunes back to 4.3. Full instructions are on this forum.


Thanks for the reply. Will attempt iFaith, need to find a windoze machine.



I am in the same ship.  I tried to jailbroken using the iFaith+snowbreeze way but end up in a black screen.


I have a 4.30(455b) and the iFaith and snowbreeze trick didn’t work for me.  The final restore through iTune always error out while my another 5.20 apple TV worked fine under the same procedure. 

you have the shsh blobs from 4.3? you can use ifaith and total command to downgrade your apple tv2 to it original state, but you cannot back up to 5.2 as apple not signing it anymore.

Yeah, I have the 4.3 shsh blobs and tried the totalcommand way many times.  That method don’t work. I always get “-20” or “16xx” error.

Are you able to successfully use the totalcommand way jailbreak a4.3? thanks



I have 2 ATV 2nd, one with Software 4.4.4, one with Software 4.2.1. The ATV 4.4.4 i tried to many method like Ifath save Blobs and SnOwbreezer and totalcommand also change 3 micro USB and 2 laptops 3 desktops and all got error 1600, This 4.4.4 i gave up and upgrade to IOS 5.2.1. The other one version 4.2.1 First time i use SnOwbreeze and got same error 1600, before i give up on this one i tried last shot on totalcommand, “bamp” this is worked for me. still luck i have one with full JB. Hope you try on SnOwbreeze and Totalcommand too. cheer

The standard ifaith+snowbreeze way works for 4.4.4 no problem. I did 4 of them. Actually, I think 5.20, 5.02, and 4.4.4 are the most easy one.

I am stuck on 4.30 and 4.0, tried all methods but no luck.  I wish somebody can successfully jailbreak 4.30 and 4.0 can post their experience.

I just need a little hope.  :slight_smile:


After exhausting all efforts of ssh to correct what I may have done by upgrading XBMC I have embraced the fact this ATV is dead.

I will need to rejailbreak. My challenge now is harvesting the shsh blob for 4.3. The previous owner did not save although be did jailbreak. Searching Cydia with tiny umbrella shows nothing.

Using iFaith 1.5.6 is not showing me any love and I’ve used every trick in the book. Multiple USB cords 4 different win platforms power in power out blah blah blah.

All I get is able to enter DFU although I think this is crap judging by the types of light flashes I get.

A laptop gets me to installing iBEC just before Dump SHSH but then stalls while waiting for ATV.

If I could only kick it at that point. Very very frustrating. Wish there was an iFaith for OSX.



After countless frustrating hours I finally have succeeded in restoring my ATV2 on 4.3

You’ve most likely read about the blob gathering fiasco but I finally got them. The only restore method that worked for me in the end was

Sn0wbreeze cooked files would not restore despite 3 operating systems and 7 computers. Every combination of cables/hubs/port etc would only render 20xx and 16xx errors. I tried all sorts of fixes and updates you name it.

This method is bullet proof as far as I’m concerned, try it.

Many thanks and kudos to the good folks that put this method together, well done.