ATV 2: Blank screen after power off

Hi all,

yesterday I faced the problem that my ATV2 (JB and ATV Flash black installed) presended after apple logo only black screen. I think I installed “Infuse” and some other stuff like Plex Client and after reboot the ATV didn’t come back. The device is reachable via SSH but does not show a picture. Does any body know how I can fix it without factory reset via iTunes and JB again? I wouldn’t like to go this way because auf the possibility to only JB tethered and I assume that after factory reset via iTunes I would have the latest OS installed.

Looking foward to some hints.

Thanks in advance.


If you did the jailbreak of the 5.3 firmware then this is a tethered boot.   This means that any time power is lost you need to connect the ATV2 to your PC/Mac and repeat the tethered boot steps the next time it is powered up.   As long as you d0 NOT do not repeat the restore steps in iTunes then installed software and settings will remain intact.