aTV 2.5 Update, still lacking?

To be fair… I haven’t necessarily read through all of the new posts since the 2.5 upgrade. So far it seems to be stable. However, I was hoping the upgrade would come with an interface update. I still cannot access: A&E app, Lifetime app, History app. It seems to have fixed my Netflix issue, however I’ve only tried a couple different TV shows on netflix.

How can we get all of these things to work?

Definitely still lacking. Lots of Apps missing.

They only seem concerned with things related to Infuse 3, or Infuse 4, or whatever version of Infuse is being sold on iTunes here soon.

I don’t care about Trakt or Smakt or Wakt or whatever other 9th party services are added to 2011’s AppleTV menu.

I just want Netflix and iTunes Music to run correctly, and I want the apps that have been added in the last 2 years.

It seems like they are using the money we paid for AppleTV Flash to support the building of Infuse which they then sell on iTunes. Kind of shady.

Yup. I have a massive 4k TV in my living room and it has a 720p ATV2 hooked up to it to support the ability to organize my TV and Movie library that are on my Apple Time Capsule. I’m taking a massive quality hit for Firecore. Unfortunately, all it’s good for is a media library managed through your apple TV. Might as well just buy a 3rd party box and lose the neat organised library and upgrade to ATV3. Firecore has rendered all other Apple TV functionalities useless. I cannot believe I’ve waited AN ENTIRE YEAR for an update that still doesn’t get the job done. Sort it out people.