ATV 2.5 only has XBMC. NO KODI

I just installed ATV2.5 and there is an option for XBMC installation but no KODI option.

Is this a server issue?

It should be the other way around…Kodi, but no XBMC.

Maybe try restarting your ATV?

It was showing KODI but no XBMC option yesterday.

Then this morning, when I tried to use ATV, it shows a message that my atv “can’t proceed”
It listed two reasons.

  1. “no internet connection”.
  2. “ATV is outdated”.

So I went back to my account to download ATV again.
This time it shows as ATV 2.5 but only has XBMC option. (NO KODI).

Could be something wrong in the server or it happens in the middle of your upgrading?
I will try it again this evening.


Sorry, it looks like there was a minor bug on our end with the 2.5 Maintenance update.

Update to the new 2.5-3 version, and all should be back to normal.

How to tell the version?
When I login to my account, it shows “aTVFlash-black.exe”.

There is no version. Do you mean I need download a new binary from my account?


The 2.5-3 version will appear on the Apple TV in the Maintenance > Manage Extras menu.

Thanks for your prompt support.

My maintenance icon disappeared after the latest update! How do I get it back?