ATV 2 - 5.2.1 - Can I downgrade the IOS version to get a untethered JB

I am a newbee. I have an ATV 2 which is on 5.2.1 since I bought it. Recently I Jailbroke it and it is a tethered JB but still on 5.2.1. I do not have any blobs. Is there a way to downgrade to any other IOS version to get a untethered JB? Thanks in advance.

You can download iFaith and check if blobs for other versions were saved by a previous owner.  If not, you will have to wait for an untethered jailbreak to be released for 5.2.1 firmware or later.

Thanks for the resposne. I checked it thru iFaith, no luck there. I dont have any blobs for my ATV2.

Can iFaith blobs be shared ?

So can I download a blob and put it back on my ATV2 ?

No - they are device specific.

Has anyone bothered to do byte by byte comparison between blobs from 2 different ATV2s… woulnt it be as simple as editing blobs with a hex editor and using someone elses? Might give it a try someday, unless someone can tell its been tried… or if you can let me know I’d be wasting mt time. :slight_smile: Maybe a tool could be made to automate this if feasible. Open to input here!

It is not that easy.

That would only apply if we knew the algorithm used to create the digital signature.   The problem is that the digital signature is created from the complete contents of the IPSW file and some data that is specific to the particular ATV2.  It uses advanced cryptographic tecniques about the way that this signature is created.

Hmmm… Well, if you had 2 unboxed factory standard ATV2 with 5.21 or 5.3 on them… I am thinking that it wouldn’t be too hard to compare the 2 and see the differences in the blobs they created…  If any one can supply me the bulk standard blobs… I’m will ing to have a crack at it.

If I can modify the blobs from one to work on the other…  ya never know. I’ve cracked some software encryption using this method in the past, so it may be worth a try. Anyone have 2 such beasties available that can supply fresh blobs?