ATV 2 5.0 (4099) jailbreak

I just picked up an ATV2 with 5.0 (4099) installed.  This unit has never been jailbroken before and wanted to know if there’s any way to get a UNTETHERED jailbreak on this unit.  If so would someone kindly guide me in the right direction, tried doing a search and didn’t find much.  Thanks!



So I can’t even upgrade to a newer untethered firmware with some of the ips going on the web and just jailbreak then?


you have two options at this point: option 1 stay on 5.0 which is tethered, option 2 update to 5.3 which is tethered

Any idea if one of the above firmware might be better over the other four jailbreak purposes?  I already have another atv 2 with 5.3 as well so didn’t want to have both running the same if their both untethered and risk the possibility of an unearthed version for 5.0 in the future.  Any word if there might even be a chance we’ll get an untethered version for either firmware?  5.0& 5.3?

The chances of an untethered jailbreak becoming available for those versions is somewhere between zero and none.  Any future exploits will be used towards jailbreaking IOS 7.0 so don’t expect an untethered jailbreak to become available before then. 

And if in doubt just save your blobs for version 5.0

So do you think there’s still hope for an atv 2 that is not currently eligible for a untethered jailbreak? Basically I want to know if its worth holding on to it or just try and sell it now. Any advice would be great!

Oh definately.  As soon as IOS 7.0 is released I expect an untethered jailbreak to soon follow.  But since Apple is usually so tight lipped about everything they do, there may be no mention of when that’ll be.  Perhaps someone here has heard when they are planning to release it.