ATV 1st gen with Ubuntu XBMC on it...please help

I bought local ATV 1st gen so when i bring home…it boot direct to XBMC and i cant access the Main Menu to put wifi passcode…i have to use ethernet cable…so how can i restore to factory APPLE TV 1st gen…please help

can’t you just run the atv installer from a thumbdrive and have it replace the firmware with that from the atv installation?

i need someone confirm


i need someone confirm it before i buy thanks





in xbmc   go system>video>playback  if you see line ‘‘allow  Broadcom …’’ that means you do not have wireless card. You have Broadcom Crystal HD 1080p card instead.

Whooooo…lucky its doesnt say that…so now let me explain it clearly

This is ATV1s gen…when i bought from someone bring home…plug to power outlet it booth direct to the screen CrystalBuntu and automatic go to xbmc,like i know if we use ATV FLASH it will boot to Main Menu of ATV and we can go setting and connect to wifi,after that we can access XBMC by the Launcher…so with this case i cant use wifi and have to connect ethernet cable that i cant…cause the router so far away…Please help me restore to factory and instal ATVFLASH i need someone show me the guide thanks alot

if you EXIT XBMC does it go to the Ubuntu?

No its bring me the screen crystall buntu login something…i just need to restore to the factory mate…this is not good at all.