ATV 1 & iTunes


ATV Flash has been fab over the years but I've hit a known problem where iTunes has decided to no longer see the Apple TV under Devices. It's done this before, but when I had a few GB of content, rather than the 200GB of music and 800GB of videos on an external drive connected to the ATV that we have now!

The weird thing is that in iTunes' preferences under Apple TV, it's showing two Apple TV's listed and "syncing" but we only have one, and it's not synching at all. My thinking is that I'll just go ahead and remove both from this list in preferences which will hopefully (?) mean I'll be able to re add the Apple TV to iTunes with the 5 digits and resync the music?

As all our videos bypass iTunes as they were placed in the External Media folder created by ATV Flash, will this External Media folder also be wiped by iTunes, or does iTunes not see this folder? Bear in mind I'm not factory erasing this Apple TV, just removing it from iTunes in the hopes that it might re pair with it.

If there are any other suggestions I'd greatly appreciate them, however I've tried switching off the Firewall, updating iTunes, rebooting ATV with no joy at all.


Many thanks

I’ve got the same problem. I have removed the Apple TV from my preference list and it removed all the pictures and songs on my AppleTV but not from the external drives.

However now I can’t pair my iTunes and Atv with the 5digit because iTunes just doesn’t see the Atv… 


Also I can’t connect to my Apple TV over FTP anymore… This really sucks


I’ve got a feeling this problem started ever since updating to iTunes 10… 


Any help would be greatly appreciated…