•• Attention Plex Users ••

It seems that Plex may have had a data breach and you may need to take action to secure your system.

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i changed my password on Plex, and choose to logout on all devices. Now I get a connection error in my Infuse app on my AppleTV. I cannot find the place to refresh my Plex password.
Can anybody help me what to do next?
Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

If you re-add the Plex server in Infuse (no need to remove the existing connection) it should reauthorize the security token.

The actual password isn’t saved in Infuse.

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I got an email from them about that. I don’t use Plex. Never used Plex. But I must have had to fork over my email to take a look at it, because according to my browser’s password manager, I created one with them on July 18th, 2015, that I last used on July 19th, 2015. Anyway, nice of them to let me know (kinda scary, that infinite data retention policy of theirs — it clearly rivals my own).

In any case, nothing concerning with the password I’d given up so I simply hit the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email. Which redirected me to their website. Where they insisted I couldn’t be unsubscribed unless I first logged-in to the secure website that they just kindly emailed me got hacked.

Who does that? Are they concerned malicious entities are surreptitiously hacking into strangers’ emails, just to go clicking all the unsubscribe buttons on other people’s direct marketing messages? The “Are you sure!? Can’t we change your mind?!” people who then try to get you to tell them why you’ve forsaken them after are bad enough … I mean, the stupid password didn’t even work. Sigh.

Thank you! Worked like a charm. Really had no idea I could do that. Thanks!