Attempt At Wife Friendly

I have dumped my Kaleidescape system in favor of 32TB of NAS, MakeMKV and ATV/infuse. In making this change, my wife can now no longer easily use our theater. I need one feature so that my wife can again use our theater. Getting to the screen with the images of each of the movies on my system (all movies) is far from straight forward. What I need is when I select infuse from the ATV menu, it automatically goes to that screen with all of our movies. If there is a way to do that now, I have not been able to find it. Can that be implemented?


The best you can do at the moment is go to your library in Infuse, and when on the All Movies do a long press on the select button and select the ‘Add Favorite’ option which will add it to the main infuse page.

Then hide anything on the main page (similar long press) that you do not want.

Hopefully this leaves the main page with just an option to go to your movies.

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This is my Infuse home screen - if this is too complicated i’m not sure what to say :wink:

Go to this support article

the icons i used for Movies and Tv are from the link in that article to custom artwork

Those look more than friendly enough. I will have to experiment and see if I can replicate those in some fashion. Thanks for the repossess!

Think the ones i’m using are from the

and the “Dark Mode” folder dropbox link

and the Apple TV set in ‘dark’ mode in settings ‘General’ > ‘Appearance’

I understand that I can press and hold each of the movie icons on the bottom of the attached page and have them become invisible. But given I have over 300 of them, was wondering if there is a much shorter method for getting rid of all of these than doing so individually.


Why Do you have so many individual movie folders on the homepage? why not just create one folder called “Movies” on your PC/NAS then move all 300 individual movie folders in that one “Movie” folder you created, then you can add that one “movie” folder in infuse and hide it, so instead of having 300 movie folders you will only have one “Movie” folder, containing 300 movies, to hide on the homepage.

I do have 1 folder called “movies” on my NAS. Inside that folder are another ~300 folders that are titled the name of a movie and then inside each of those ~300 folders is a single file which is the MKV file of the named movie.

So I somehow need to tell Infuse just about the “movies” folder and it will find everything inside of it?

Sorry for being such a dummie on this product!!

No silly questions here. If you create a share of your movie folder and all of the movies folders inside of that contain only one file and that is the movie Infuse should flatten them out to show only the movies and not the folders.


So it sounds like I just need to tell Infuse to remove/delete/disconnect from what I previously did and just connect to my “movies” folder. Is that correct?

Top of my head this what you do inside infuse:

  • Go to settings
  • Add your Share, Go back
  • Go into Your saved share (SMB, NFS)
  • Go into “Add favourite”. You Should see your “Movies” folder
  • Press down on remote to ADD “Movies” folder to favourites. Go Back
  • Now ”Movies” is listed as a favourite in your share.
  • Go back to Settings
  • Go down list into Library - Now make sure show library and “Movies” favourite are ticked
    -Metadata will be fetching as you can see on the left hand side the number of movies in your library
  • Wait till metadata fetch has completed
  • Go back to Infuse Homepage
  • You will Now see a Library Folder
  • Enter Library and go into Movies, now add whatever favourite you want on the infuse homepage like All movies, unwatched, collections.
    -Too hide a Favourite on homepage just press down on remote and hide.

If you want to start all over just delete all metadata in settings and remove your favourites you added in your saved share.

Hope that helps, can’t think of anything else

Prior to doing the above, I need to remove/delete all I have done or I will end up with an even bigger mess. If I “delete the share” does that affect the actual content of my NAS or only what Infuse sees?

If you delete the share within infuse it only affects infuse, just delete and remove everything you have done within the infuse app and start again, your NAS will not be affected in any way.

I’d be sure to make sure that you don’t have file management enabled in infuse first before starting just in case the wrong delete button is hit.

Perfect. Now it looks like I wanted it to. Thanks so much for everyone’s help.

The way I set mine up for the family is four favorites: All Movies, All TV, Unwatched Movies, and Unwatched TV. I hide the library and all the folders.