Attack on Titan Specials

Hi All,

I’m trying to organize special episodes of Attack on Titan with no luck.
Any help is appreciated.

Dejan B.

Are you using season 00 and then the episode number corresponding with the list in thetvdb?

Exactly as you said.

Season 00/Attack.on.Titan.s00e01.mp4

When you say “organize” your specials, what is it you’re trying to do?

I used your naming convictions and it pulled all of the metadata and artwork without any problems.

Are you by chance trying to have the specials appear in the season specific folders and between the episodes that they appeared? If so I don’t think Infuse can do that.

Just trying to have it in separate Season 00 folder with infuse pulling in all the artwork

Well it worked flawlessly for me with the show folder named "Attack On Titan, the special folder named “Season 00” and the show seasons folder named “Season 01” with episodes named as you listed.

It pulled the artwork for each episode as well as the specials and details on episode content.


Restarted my ATV and everything is fine now.

Thanks for all the help.

Glad you’re back on track!

You’re welcome.

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