Atmos support?

When will you be releasing Atmos support? I see an updated was avail today 9/19/18 but not included.


Loads of info in this thread…

But probably just start on the last page

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And I didn’t see any info about why it’s not available or when

James has stated that it’s only available to streaming services and only if the audio is Dolby digital plus with atmos. Apple has not indicated when it’ll be available for local apps using PCM + Atmos (Dolby MAT 2.0)

The info is definitely there. But to summarise, it’s not available because Apple have not made the necessary tools for developers to implement atmos for locally streamed media. Regarding when it will be available, nobody knows and there is the very real possibility that it might never be available.

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If you want Atmos, take 30 seconds and petition Apple to allow it for these apps using these instructions: Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

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