Atmos question


I just want to understand. If I play a TrueHD Atmos file, it will be decoded by the Appletv and sent as LPCM to the receiver.

But from what I understand, the metadata of atmos will be ignored and it will be played as normal 7.1 soundtack.

There is no way on the Apple tv to play TrueHD with Atmos metadata. I’m not talking about passthrough. You can’t even decode the metadata on the apple tv and pass it as LPCM.

Am I right ?


You are right. The only way to do LPCM and atmos is with Dolby MAT 2.0. From my understanding Apple would need to license the TrueHD Atmos codec to be able to do this.

Thanks! Too bad Apple do this kind of things…

I have an Nvidia shield just for atmos files…