ATMOS Question (i know it doesnt work on apple tv)

Quick question,

If i’m downloading a file to my plex server to use via infuse pro on my apple tv, i know that ATMOS wont work, but does that mean i have to exclude files containing atmos or will infuse choose a different audio stream and send that instead.

I tried it with one atmos file and it wouldnt play, but i’m not sure if that was a bad file or if i need to tweak some settings.

For example if the file is


Will it just use an alternative audio track that will work on the apple tv, or it will it just not play

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Files with Atmos can be played in Infuse, and the Atmos metadata will simply be ignored (for now).

For example, if your file contains TrueHD + Atmos, Infuse would drop the Atmos and send the TrueHD. This is sent to your receiver as LPCM, and you’ll still be able to get all the benefits of lossless audio.

If your files have multiple audio tracks you can pick which to use in Infuse. This can be done through the Audio tab of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Hi thanks for the fast response.

I tried that and it worked fine.

Next question :slight_smile:

I understand the benefit of infuse is that it can play the file format nativley rather than transcoding, this is obviously great for quality on my local pc, apple tv, or anything on my wifi. But would this also mean the data transfer required to stream out and about, e.g. to my iphone while on my train, would be much higher since it would transfer a 50gb movie and then play locally rather than transcode down to a more suitable resolution ? So if i’m worried out data allowances on the move am i best using plex outside the home and infuse in the home ?

Also any plans for a client that would work on pc’s ?

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