Atmos not enabled after seeking (LG TV + AVR)

Infuse Pro 7 tvOS 17.5.1 ATV 4K 2G - Atmos

So I’ve been using Infuse recently with my ATV to play streaming content from a video server I have setup. The streams are mostly web stream quality (so not truehd audio mixes). Many have Atmos for the sound mix, but I have been experiencing some very strange and frustrating behaviour with regards to getting Atmos to come through consistently.

So if I have a video file with Atmos, I play it and it comes through (passing through my LG CX) and registers with my AV. However I have noticed on every file if I pause or stop the video and return, it’s no longer outputting Atmos and instead registering as lpcm 7.1.

If I start from the beginning again, Atmos seems to return, but if I try and scrub to my position of where I was, on buffering and resuming it will once again return lpcm….

Is this a bug with Infuse, or is there some setting to force Atmos whenever possible and available (I’ve set stream quality to highest in infuse and all my atv settings are fine for Atmos which comes through fine in regular streaming apps).

Other than this one very annoying problem, this app is amazing and works shockingly well! Any help would be appreciated :saluting_face:

Surely I’m not the only one with this issue?

If it helps, it takes noticeably longer to load at the begging of the stream when it’s an Atmos file.

This behaviour is definitely consistent with every file I have that supports Atmos. It’ll start out %100 fine then if I pause at all, or change subtitles and it pauses then reloads, or if I scrub ahead or rewind anywhere, when it resumes it’s dropped Atmos and now playing LPCM (when it does this loading it’s significantly quicker to load as well).

I’m playing my files through a WebDAV directory as well.

I’m going to assume this is a handshake issue with your LG TV doing ARC to your AV. I don’t have the issue you are having with similar equipment but my signal chain is Apple TV → AV receiver → TV.

Hmm. Maybe, but I don’t think so.

I’ve never had this issue with any other media in my chain playing from any device I have.

My setup is ATV > LG TV > AV

It doesn’t track as a hardware handshake issue as the behaviour is predictable based on the operation of the software, that is if I pause, scrub etc. If it was a handshake issue based in my hardware, it would not be controlled from the software.

What it feels like is something related to the loading of the buffer and of the metadata, as when I play any atmos based media it always buffers before initial play for a long time (say ~80 seconds) vs a file that is non atmos (~20seconds).
Once the atmos file plays though and I interrupt the stream (pause, change sub etc) and it it resumes, the buffer speed is quick, as if it was a file without atmos, and it now reads as LPCM (and I can notice the sound field difference too).

It’s hard to compare behaviors on the Apple TV to other devices, but are you seeing this issue when playing Atmos content with other apps on the Apple TV?

Does this also happen when using these 2 test files?

If possible, you may also try connecting the Apple TV directly to the AVR instead of going through the TV to see if the same behavior is present.

This is the recommended handshake sequence for seemless playback of any Atmos content as recommended through Appple Community forums. I used to have problems with Vizio soundbars not being able to receive consistent sound profiles, it stopped after Apple recommended not using e-arc. There are just to many complications that can arise in the chain to do with video player, ATV, TV and soundbar, better to cut the issue short.

Not sure how to test these two files in my infuse setup. I have my content coming through infuse via a WebDAV server.

The problem is with that setup I lose DolbyVison and my AV does not support pass through for DV.

I find it hard to believe that it is an inherent issue with Apple handshake and my setup, as I have used this exact same connection for years and with every other app on the ATV there has never been this issue (Disney, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu etc). If there was an Atmos file it comes though fine. Through Infuse is the only time I have experienced this very odd issue.

Again it only occurs after the stream has been started then it has to pause and resume for some reason. Initially the stream has Atmos coming through no problemo.

I did find it recently didn’t break its atmos after I was playing a stream for a while in a one off sitch. I paused and resumed (to adjust subtitles) and the atmos stayed. This again feels like some sort of buffering issue relate to the app itself.

EDIT: I tested the files on my ATV and Infuse via airplay from my iPhone and it didn’t seem to pickup the atmos of the track and read as 2.0 channel audio.

Ok, further confirmation something fishy with the app is happening. If I let a title play and FULLY buffer and then pause and resume or scrub forward somewhere, atmos is totally fine….wth?