Atmos isn't working


so I saw today that tvos now supported Dolby Atmos, so I decided to buy another apple TV for the living room - my wife has been using one in the workshop for a while now.

I have a load of movies on my server and want to be able to stream them - a lot have Atmos.

I saw this video

but when I enable passthrough on the audo for Infuse 5 Pro I do not get Atmos or even 7.1 from my 4k HDR Atmos ISOs

Can somebody please explain what is happening.

As explained in previous forum posts Apple has enabled atmos only for streaming media providers and only if the audio is mp4 container and in Dolby digital plus with atmos. There is no timeline on when or even if Apple will expand atmos support to local apps.

Long story short enjoy atmos with Netflix, Vudu, and iTunes. If you need atmos support for local content immediately you’ll need to go with another box.

How very disappointing. I replaced a zidoo with this new apple tv as I thought it now had the same functionality but in a smaller box and better ui.

I guess I’ll be sending it back.

I have both. The Apple TV 4K which I use for Netflix/Hulu/HBO now and a zidoo x9s which I use for 4K movies.

There are two threads about Atmos on the first page of this sub forum alone. One literally being below this one!
Why open another on instead of reading those threads first? Everything you want to know is in there. If you still don’t feel you have questions you can post there.

Please see this thread for more info.

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